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Groupcal 2: Status of attendee for invited meeting does not change
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After inviting attendees to a meeting using iCal/Groupcal their status remains "not responded" even though the attendee did respond.


This has confirmed to be a problem when using Groupcal 2.0 with Exchange and iCal.

Groupcal 2.0 is reading the attendee status correctly from Exchange. However we have found that Exchange seems to update the data that Groupcal requests erratically. In most cases Exchange will eventually update the meeting details for attendee status and the updated information will be reflected in iCal in a subsequent sync. This update may take minutes, hours and sometimes days. Occasionally the update will not happen at all.

So far, this seems to happen on some sort of magic schedule we are unable to decern. We have not found the undocumented trick (if there is one) to speeding this up or forcing the status to update yet. We continue to investigate and if we find a solution will release an update for Groupcal.

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