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Syncing isn't working ... is there a "master reset" I can use?
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I've used the Groupcal Uninstaller to uninstall and unregister from Sync Services then reinstalled Groupcal as per the "Read Before You Install" document, but I still can't get syncing to complete.

This step is more likely to help if any of the following are also true:

- a crash and/or one or more exceptions are logged in the Console application's window when a Groupcal sync is attempted

- you currently use, or previously used, iSync to sync one or more devices

- you currently use, or previously used, other applications (e.g., Entourage) that use Apple's Sync Services to sync information either with a device or with an application such as iCal or Address Book


We've seen a percentage of cases where OS X's Sync Services data gets corrupted and needs to be reset.

The iSync application's preferences panel has a "Reset Sync History" button that corrects such situations ... BUT BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, read the remainder of this article!

Pressing iSync's "Reset Sync History" button not only resets data for the devices that are sync'd via Sync Services, but also tells OS X's Sync Services to "forget everything it knows about registered applications without unregistering them" (technically it puts them into "refresh mode") which causes Groupcal and, potentially, other applications to act as though they've never been sync'd.

If you are going to press iSync's "Reset Sync History" button, first make sure that ONE of the following is true:

- you are currently running Groupcal version 3.30 or newer ... if you're not, it's strongly recommended that you first update to the current version (while carefully following the instructions in the "Read Before You Install" document)!

- you first use the Groupcal Uninstaller to uninstall Groupcal, keeping your preference settings but unregistering with Sync Services (later, after pressing iSync's "Reset Sync History" button, you can re-install Groupcal)

While its effects should be benign, pressing iSync's "Reset Sync History" button will likely affect other applications and/or devices that use OS X's Sync Services. You should also understand the implications for those applications and/or devices before you proceed.

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