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Groupcal 2: Events moved from one calendar to another might be deleted from Exchange and iCal
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Using iCal to move an event from one synchronized calendar to another may cause the event to be deleted from Exchange and from iCal after synchronization.

By moving we are referring to either right-clicking on an event in an iCal calendar and then sending it to a different calendar by way of the "Calendar" context menu, or changing the calendar the event is associated with in the detail view of the event in iCal.


This problem will occur if after moving the event the calendars are initially synchronized in a particular order.

For example:
Assume there are two calendars in iCal, Calendar A and Calendar B. Both calendars are set to sync with Exchange via Groupcal. Event Foo has been created in calendar A and synchronized with Exchange.

* Event Foo is moved from Calendar A to Calendar B.
* Calendar B is sync'ed
* Calendar A is sync'ed
* Calendar B is sync'ed

This sequence will cause the event to be deleted. This is because when Calendar B was synced Groupcal detected Foo and wrote it to Exchange as expected. When Calendar A was then subsequentally synced Groupcal detected that Foo was deleted from A and therefore deleted it from Exchange. When Calendar B was then re-synced Groupcal detected that Foo had been deleted from Exchange and therefore needed to be deleted from Calendar B.

The solution is to do the following after moving an event:

* Event Foo is moved from Calendar A to Calendar B.
* Calendar A is sync'ed
* Calendar B is sync'ed

By synchronizing Calendar A first, Groupcal will detect that Foo has been deleted from Calendar A and delete it from Exchange. After which when Calendar B is sync'ed, Groupcal will detect the new event Foo in the calendar and write the event to Exchange again.

Once the sync has been completed in the correct order you do not need to worry about the syncing order again. While Synchronize All may trigger the problem initially (by happening to sync the calendars in the improper order), once you have synced the calendars in the correct sequence, Synchronize All will not cause the problem.

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