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Groupcal 2: Groupcal cannot read or write tasks and or events from Exchange
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When syncing a calendar with Exchange using Groupcal may exhibit any of the following problems:
- New tasks are written to Exchange from iCal but then disappear from iCal
- Existing tasks on Exchange do not appear in iCal
- New events created in iCal are not written to Exchange
- Synchronization fails to complete and communiction errors are logged to the Console


This is most often caused by the URLScan utility, a component of Microsoft's IIS Lockdown tool for securing web servers. The default configuration of URLScan prohibits the use of any HTTP/WebDAV method that is not in its list of allowed methods.

Groupcal 2.0 requires that the following HTTP/WebDAV methods are enabled in order for Groupcal to function properly:


Groupcal uses one WebDAV method, BPROPFIND, which OWA does not, and which is therefore not allowed by the default URLscan configuration.

The fix for this problem is to have your Exchange administrator add "BPROPFIND" to the AllowVerbs section of WINNTsystem32inetsrvurlscanurlscan.ini on the Exchange server, and then restart IIS.

Enabling BPROPFIND does not create any additional security risk on the server; its functionality is very similar to the SEARCH method, which is already enabled.

Groupcal requires the PUT method to be enabled in order to write or update events to Exchange. If this method is not enabled any new events created in iCal will fail to appear in Exchange when synchronizing.

Note also that the default configuration of URLScan may make it impossible to open items with certain characters in the subject, as discussed in the second Microsoft Support article listed below.
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