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GroupCal is Phenomenal! - Version: 3.75, 2006-12-29 (5/5 stars)
As a Mac user in an Exchange world, one cannot live without GroupCal. Most notably version 3.75, it is absolutely essential to being able to work seemlessly with the Exchange world. The product itself performs as advertised. The support is the best. I had to send my new MBP off to be repaired, in the interim, I needed to move back to my tried and true 17" PB. The Snerdware support gave me a free license for the time that my MBP was being repaired. They rock! Keep it up Snerdware!

Time to reset the stars - Version: 3.70, 2006-12-19 (4/5 stars)
Since the new developers took over on this product it has become very stable and useable. They continue to refine and enhance it. If/when you run into problems the tech support folks and programmers are all over you getting things working again.

Great tech support for a very useful product - Version: 3.62, 2006-10-25 (5/5 stars)
My corporation's Microsoft-compliant IT department is very Mac-shy and unwilling to change even simple settings to allow connectivity. This made Entourage a poor solution with Microsoft Exchange server. Groupcal bypassed the problem entirely. Due to custom login settings on my corporate side, Snerdware sent several iterations of Groupcal instructions and beta versions of the software until I finally connected. (Most of the connection/syncing difficulty related to old Entourage preferences that had to be trashed.) Even with the troubleshooting involved, Snerdware was able to reply within 24 hours or less (same business day if I sent correspondence in the morning). If your Mac has to play in the same sandbox with Microsoft, don't deprive yourself of this invaluable interface with Apple's great products.

Yes, the stars need to be re-aligned... - Version: 3.62, 2006-10-20 (4/5 stars)
been using the product for 3 years... ever since the re-engagement of developers about a year ago, and then the release of 3.5, the product and the support have been wildly different.... It's useful, use-able and stable. If you're a Mac person who must cooperate with Exchange, this is a Must Use.

Probably needs stars reset...very stable now and terrific support - Version: 3.62, 2006-10-12 (5/5 stars)
I've been using this product on and off for a couple of years. It worked reasonably well a while back, but then everything just went terribly wrong, and I gave up on the product. It's round about then that all the terrible reviews started to come out and the stories of people losing data started to surface. Danger Will Robinson!

It was earlier this year that I noticed some interesting posts from a new developer who was asking people to give the new developers some time to get things right (and I noticed that they seemed to be putting a lot of bugs right). I still wasn't going to go down that path of pain again though. After a few good reviews I decided to take the plunge again, downloaded the demo and tried it out. Seemed to work ok, so I got the upgrade to 3.0 ($15 - very reasonable!). I had a bit of a problem with the licence system (it turned out I was trying to upgrade with a truly ancient licence) and I needed some help, so I emailed the support guys and prepared to wait for a while.

I got a response in about 3 hours, with detailed instructions and so I tried that - another problem, my original licence was for an old iBook that we threw out a year ago and I needed to 'de-licence' that machine - difficult.
Another email drew a slightly longer response (time zones kicked in) but it was still less than 5 hours! The support guys gave fixed things, killed the old licence off and I was in business.

As to the program itself - it works really well. It's not the easiest program to set up, as there are a lot of options, and you are trying to communicate with an Exchange server (nuff said), but it does work as advertised.

Snerdware support is the most amazingly responsive support team in the history of software support. Which might not be saying much.... :) But these guys really are very responsive and good at their job.
Patrick W Gilmore
Director of Network Strategy & Support
Akamai Technologies

I work in a primarily Windows desktop shop and wanted to use my Mac in our Exchange environment. With Microsoft Office 2004 I was confident I would fit right in without anyone noticing I wasn't using a Windows desktop. Getting Entourage to work was problematic. When I set an appoint and marked it as "free" (rather than busy) the setting was lost when sent to meeting invitees. Plus notes don't synchronize. And synchronization happens on it's own schedule so I was forced to wait for Entourage to get around to synchronizing before shutting down my laptop.

Enter Groupcal. I did a Google search in hopes of finding an iCal - Exchange synchronization program and ran across Groupcal. I had a couple of minor bumps setting it up, but support was amazing responsive to my questions. At this point I am working in my own way on the corporate network without any loss of features or compromises. I don't see why any Mac user in an Exchange environment wouldn't at least try this program out!
Mark Roderick
System Integration Group
Group Health Cooperative

I have implemented Groupcal and AddressX on our mobile Macs, mine included, and we have been very impressed with the quality and functionality of the product. Kudos. Snerdware makes using Exchange Server almost bearable.
Jon L. Gardner
Director of Computing Operations
Texas A&M University at Qatar

My job requires that I travel extensively across the United Kingdom and Central Europe and as such I am only in the office one day per week. Being on the road such a lot requires that my PA be responsible for managing my Diary. Until the launch of Groupcal I was forced to use an Intel-based notebook as my mobile solution, the office being a windows-based organization and using exchange as its communication solution.

Now, at last, I have the flexibility to use my Apple Powerbook as my preferred mobile solution without compromising the integrity of my appointments.
Professor Steve Molyneux
Director, Learning Lab/ADL Partnership Lab (UK)
University of Wolverhampton

Groupcal fills a very critical need for us. Its very easy to use, priced well for the value, and the support is outstanding. In an age of bloatware, Snerdware solves some very real problems, elegantly.
Steve Metzger
Managing Director
AngelWorks Foundation

I love the fact that Groupcal allows me to integrate iCal with Exchange without having to install any windows software. It works flawlessly and makes our Mac users a better integrated group of the office - thank you!
Andrew Burroughs
Location Head

As a Co-owner of a very elite Personal Training/Coaching center in Los Altos, I cannot stress how important it is to have a "Rock Solid" scheduling system in place. Groupcal not only provides the ability for me to post my calendar to our exchange server, it also allows me to keep track of every person on our staff. I've tried them all: Entourage, Outlook 2001, Virtual PC running Outlook, and OWA. Nothing compares to the ease of use and reliability that the team at Snerdware have created.
Jason Fass
Co-Owner & Marketing Director
Focused Individual Training

Your Groupcal and AddressX are totally cool concepts. I had been searching for Groupcal, for more than a year when I bought my first Mac.
Viresh Bhatia
InstallShield Software Corporation

I love Groupcal! It is powerful and deceivingly simple to use.

I can't believe how fast iCal appointments appear on the Exchange server after entry. I feel like I'm in control of my schedule again. Getting maximum utility out of iCal is wonderful and more closely integrates my home Mac with my life. Since all home schedules are managed by .Mac and iSync, I get to use one calendar for both work and personal business completely guilt free. And, avoiding buggy bloatware like the Mac Exchange/Outlook application gives me extra satisfaction.
David Rust
Director, Broadcasting & Electronic Media
Office of Communications and Marketing, Indiana University

AddressX 1.1 allows me to finally export my 25k corporate addresses to OS X's Address Book from our Exchange servers. I carry them with me on travel to use even when I’m not connected to the Internet. I've been trying to accomplish this feat for years and the only way was to synchronize to a PDA, for which I had no other earthly use. How sweet!

I encountered a minor bug and received an excellent and timely response from Snerdware Support (result - one bug smashed!). A thoroughly enjoyable experience. I recommend Snerdware.
Mike DeVaney
Senior Research Scientist
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

I have been using Groupcal since it's early beta days and there is no going back. The recent updates to Entourage were okay, but still not what I really needed. I needed to be able to see all of my employees' calendars and I wasn't willing to launch Outlook Classic every time or buy a PC to do it. My PC and Mac using colleagues are amazed by the how Groupcal made iCal better. Looks like you got one up on Apple too! Thank you, Snerdware!
David S. Woodley
Alumni Relations Director
University of Alaska Anchorage

Groupcal provides an easy to install and very elegant way to publish your iCal calendars to an Exchange Server environment. Snerdware goes out of their way to provide customer support and works with you until your questions are answered. I'm running the full version of Groupcal and it works without a hitch.
Peter Fiedler
Assistant Vice President
Boston University

Living in a large, 30,000 user PC, Windows and Exchange driven environment with a mac was only almost complete, until Groupcal came along. Now I can keep track of all those meetings I need to attend, even while offline. When the beta expired, I was lost for days. Now I'm smiling again.
Marcel Rivard
Enterprise Software Architect
AT&T Wireless

I work for a foundation housed inside a corporation. I use a Mac. They use Windows. Ever since OS X came out I have been looking for a good way to deal with the company's Exchange server. Snerdware is by far the best solution available. The ability to fully integrate the OS X tools into my work process and not have to use kludgy syncs and patches is great. I have also been very pleased with the response I get from snerdware when I have a question. A quality company with a very good product that seems to rapidly be getting better. Buy it. I did.
Steve Wright
Program Director

Since making the move to OS X my department was left out of the loop when it came to calendaring and our Exchange server. We could never get Entourage to work properly. Outlook Web Access was ok, but once we started to use iCal with Groupcal there was simply no going back. Once we saw what Groupcal could do for us, I made the decision to standardize on it immediately.
Seth Sherwood
Art Director
Jerome Russell Cosmetics, Inc.

I first want to say thank you for making such a great product as AddressX. As I am sure you have noticed many people are very disappointed with the Exchange support added to Entourage by Microsoft. After I tested it this morning, I considered it garbage and began looking for alternatives. I downloaded AddressX and gave it a spin and was instantly impressed. My boss and I immediately put into place a plan to try and migrate all of our users from Outlook 2001 under Classic to Mail under OS X.
Barrett Conrad
The Reaserch Institue for Children

I am the Director of Technology for a 1600+ person Microsoft Exchange shop. I have one of the approximately 200 Macs in our company on my desktop. I was a participant in the Entourage/Exchange Beta, and let's just say... I'm not happy with the fruits of my labors there. I recently found, downloaded and used AddressX. All I can says is WOW! You guys really hit it on the head of the nail. This is precisely what I've been looking for these past two lonely years.
Matthew Krawitz
Director of Technology
National GES Exposition Services

What a great tool! After getting the Office X update this week with the Entourage update for Exchange, it was nice to see something that actually worked with Exchange. I'm an IT Manager for an ad agency and have been waiting for a decent OS X Exchange client from Microsoft before upgrading our 100+ Macs to OS X. Needless to say I'm very disappointed with MS. I am however encouraged by AddressX.
Mark Polzin
IT Manager
Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications

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