Groupcal from Snerdware Brings Exchange Calendaring to Apple iCal

Access and Manage Exchange Calendars from OS X Transparently

SEATTLE, Washington January 19, 2004 Snerdware" LLC today released Groupcal", the second component of its integration suite for the Macintosh OS X desktop and Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and 2003. Groupcal 1.0 enables one to share and update Microsoft Exchange-based calendars directly from Apple iCal. Groupcal further extends the Microsoft Exchange integration provided by Snerdware's already successful AddressX", which allows access to the Exchange Global Address List from the OS X Address Book.

Since making the move to OS X my department was left out of the loop when it came to calendaring and our Exchange server. We could never get Entourage to work properly. Outlook Web Access was ok, but once we started to use iCal with Groupcal there was simply no going back, said Seth Sherwood, Art Director, Jerome Russell Cosmetics, Inc. Once we saw what Groupcal could do for us, I made the decision to standardize on it immediately.

Groupcal is completely transparent to both OS X and Exchange. Calendars are made available on or offline in iCal and Groupcal does not require any software be installed on Exchange servers. Best of all when used with Apple iSync, Exchange calendars can now easily be made available on an iPod, Palm Pilot, cell phone, or any other iSync compatible device. Like AddressX, Groupcal was designed with both end users and IT departments in mind.

"Groupcal offers a superior alternative to the current Microsoft solutions for Mac users that need to access Microsoft Exchange servers. By using Apple iCal as the calendaring client Mac users with Groupcal can finally benefit from the ease-of-use of iCal without having to sacrifice their connectivity to Exchange," said Jacob Swed, Snerdware's CEO. "With Groupcal, Mac users can now publish their calendars directly to Exchange and also view the Free/Busy time or calendars of any Exchange users who've made their calendars available. This includes both delegate calendars and calendars in public folders. Simply put, Groupcal puts Mac users on a level playing field with PC users when it comes to Microsoft Exchange."

Groupcal 1.0 is currently available for purchase from Snerdware. A Single User License is $65 USD and 5 User License Packs are $260 USD. Larger volume pricing and site licenses are available. Snerdware also offers educational, government, and non-profit organizational discounts to qualifying parties. To download and purchase Groupcal, full system requirements, or more information please visit

Founded in 2003 by real life Switcher Jacob Swed, formerly with Microsoft, Snerdware LLC was created in response to the user frustration that surrounded Mac integration with Microsoft Exchange. For additional information visit Snerdware's website ( ).

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