Snerdware Brings Exchange 2000 Integration to Mac OS X

Access the Global Address List from OS X transparently

SEATTLE, Washington July 31, 2003 Snerdware" LLC today released AddressX", the first component of an integration suite for OS X and Microsoft Exchange Server 2000. AddressX 1.0, available as freeware, enables one to view and search a company’s Global Address List (GAL) directly from the Address Book installed with OS X.

AddressX enables Mac users to take advantage of the Global Address List in Exchange, via the Apple OS X Address Book, said Jacob Swed, Snerdware’s CEO. To date, people running OS X in a company with Exchange servers are often left out in the cold when it comes to accessing the key features of Exchange since existing solutions often mean a trade-off for poor user experience and performance. AddressX is the first product to solve the problem in a way that adds serious value to OS X while preserving instead of compromising its easy-of-use. Plus it’s free.

Designed with IT departments in mind, there is no software to install on the Exchange server. AddressX is completely transparent to both OS X and Exchange. Contacts are made available on or offline and from any application that integrates with the Address Book such as Apple Mail or iCal.

AddressX is freeware. To download AddressX, full system requirements, or more information please visit

Founded in 2003 by real life Switcher Jacob Swed, formerly of Microsoft, Snerdware was created in response to the user frustration that surrounded Mac integration with Exchange. For additional information visit Snerdware’s website ( ).

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