August 10, 2004 Syndey Morning Herald writes about Groupcal in
"Exchange program [Entourage] misses the mark"
March 8, 2004   AddressX 1.1 Now Available from Snerdware
February 9, 2004   Groupcal Viewer from Snerdware Opens Microsoft Exchange Calendars to Apple iCal
January 19, 2004   Groupcal from Snerdware Brings Exchange Calendaring to Apple iCal
August 12, 2003   Australian IT writes about Snerdware in
"Mac's back in top shops" (now requires membership to access)
August 6, 2003   Snerdware releases update to AddressX
August 5, 2003   MacCentral writes about Snerdware in
"AddressX offers Exchange 2000-OS X integration"
August 5, 2003   ZDNet writes about Snerdware in
"Microsoft opens Exchange for Mac Office"
August 4, 2003   CNET writes about Snerdware in
"Microsoft opens Exchange to Apple users"
July 31, 2003   Snerdware Brings Exchange 2000 Integration to Mac OS X

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