Groupcal 1.0 (build 322)
Have you always wished you could view all your Exchange calendars from within Apple iCal? Don't need the full power of Groupcal to view availability and publish? Introducing Groupcal Viewer. With Groupcal Viewer you can now subscribe to any Exchange calendar directly from Apple iCal. Use Apple iSync" to take them with you wherever you go. See your own calendar, a calendar in a public folder, or a calendar you have delegate access to quickly and easily. All with no need to install additional software on your Exchange server.
View to Exchange calendars in iCal
Groupcal Viewer makes it easy to see your Exchange calendars within iCal. When you subscribe to an Exchange calendar with Groupcal Viewer, a read-only calendar containing the events found in Exchange is added to iCal. View events are marked as busy, tentative, out of office, free and even private. Your calendar will show you an event's subject, notes, location and alarm just like Outlook without ever leaving iCal.
Yes, it works with Public Folder and delegates
You can subscribe to any Exchange calendar you have access to, not just your own. View calendars kept in any Exchange Public folder or any calendar for which you are a delegate. Simply provide Groupcal Viewer with the URL of the Exchange folder containing the calendar and it will do the rest.
iSync and go
Use iSync and take it with you. The calendars created by Groupcal Viewer in iCal are just like your other iCal calendars. Not only will they be available on or offline; but, when used with Apple iSync, Exchange calendars can now easily be made available on an iPod, Palm Pilot, cell phone, or any other iSync compatible device.
Always up-to-date
Of course seeing Exchange calendars is only really useful if the information is current. Groupcal Viewer fully supports the automatic refresh features of an iCal subscription to make sure you always have the latest information.
iCal will never know the difference
And neither will Exchange. That is because Groupcal Viewer is 100% transparent to both iCal and Exchange. What does that mean for you? It means iCal never even knows it is talking to an Exchange server and Exchange never knows it is talking to iCal. This makes Groupcal Viewer the only software you will ever need to install. As long as you have an Exchange server 2000 or 2003 with WebDAV enabled you are ready to go. No additional software needs to be installed on Exchange and no changes are needed for Active Directory. Best of all, if you can access your Exchange server on the internet you can use Groupcal Viewer from any machine with an internet connection like your Mac at home.
Disable on password failure means never having to say you are sorry
Groupcal Viewer uses your existing Exchange email account ID and password to access Exchange's calendaring features. For security, your password is stored in the OS X Keychain and Groupcal Viewer contains full HTTPS support. Still many networks take the precaution of disabling your user account if your login fails more than once in a row. Not to worry though, you can set Groupcal Viewer to disable itself automatically if your login settings fail with a single click.
Need more power?
Need to not only view calendars but want to publish them as well or see the availability (Free/Busy time) of your co-workers? Check out Groupcal Viewer's big brother, Groupcal.

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