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Feel like you are living on an island when it comes to calendaring on OS X in a company running Exchange?

Introducing Groupcal. Now you can take full advantage of the all the group calendaring features of Exchange directly from Apple iCal. Finally, view and share your calendar schedules quickly, easily, and transparently with your coworkers running Outlook. All with no need to install additional software on your Exchange server.

Groupcal for your calendars Apple Mail for your Exchanged-based email ... the more "pure" OS X approach!

2-way event synchronization
Manage your Exchange calendar right from iCal with full 2-way event synchronization. Whether you need to access your calendar from home, work, or on the road; Groupcal will work from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Want to synchronize several iCal calendars with your Exchange server and manage them separately? No, problem. Groupcal provides the flexibility to help you adapt to almost any situation.
2-way task synchronization
With Groupcal you can now access your Exchange tasks right from iCal with the power of full 2-way synchronization. Finally you can create, access and delete tasks in iCal and synchronize them with your Exchange server. Mark tasks as completed, change their priorities, set due dates and more. Groupcal makes it easy and transparent to manage your Exchange tasks in iCal.
Free/Busy time

Tired of wondering when your co-workers or company resources are free?

Never wonder again. Groupcal makes it easy to subscribe their Exchange Free/Busy time (Availability) as calendars in iCal. Want to track a group of people in a single calendar? Groupcal makes it simple to add and remove groups of people from a Free/Busy calendar at any time. You can even choose to only see time marked "Out Of Office" to instantly generate a holiday calendar for your team. Setting iCal to refresh the calendar will make sure the information always stays current automatically.

Easily view people's Free/Busy time individually or all together in a single calendar.
The power to send and receive meeting invites
Groupcal is designed to work with your Exchange server directly allow you to send invites, respond to meeting requests and even send meeting cancellations for meetings you have organized. Since Groupcal communicates directly with Exchange, you can continue to use whatever email client you like. And yes, you can even book resources.
Unparalleled Exchange flexibility
Using Exchange 2003 with Forms-Based Authentication? Need to synchronize tasks or a calendar from an Exchange Public folder? Need support for synchronizing multiple Exchange server accounts with iCal? Are you a delegate that needs to manage someone else's Exchange calendar or tasks? Do you (or a delegate) need to also manage your account with Outlook, Outlook Web Access, or Entourage? No Problem. Groupcal gives you the flexibility and seamless integration with iCal you have been asking for.
Share your Exchange calendars
If you have an Apple .Mac account (or your own WebDAV server) and Groupcal, you may use iCal to publish your synchronized Exchange calendar on the Internet for others to see. If they use iCal, they can also subscribe to your published Exchange calendar to view it from iCal.
Yes, you can take it with you.
When combined with the power of Groupcal, Apple iSync will help make sure your Exchange calendar can go everywhere you do. Take it with you on your iPod, Palm device or cell phone. Groupcal even includes an option to have the location of your events added to the summary so you'll not only know what you are doing, but where you need to be to do it. Best of all, 2-way syncing makes sure changes you make on your Palm to events or your to-do list will be sync'd back to your Exchange server.

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System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.4
OS X 10.2-10.3 for Groupcal 2
A valid Exchange account

Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 or 2003
...with recent service packs,
WebDAV (Outlook Web Access)
HTTPS strongly recommended

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