Want the names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of the people in your company’s Exchange Global Address List (GAL) to be uploaded and nicely separated into their own address group in OS X’s Address Book?

AddressX makes it possible. The uploaded contacts from your company’s GAL are available in their own address group directly from the OS X Address Book quickly and easily — all with no need to install additional software on your Exchange server.


Available everywhere you need them

AddressX will import the contacts from your company’s Global Address List (GAL) directly into your OS X Address Book.
What does that mean for you? It means that your Exchange GAL contacts will look and act just like the other contacts already in your Address Book. Search them, export them as vCards, sync them to your cell phone and take them with you. Take full advantage of the system-wide address book instantly. Use your GAL contacts seamlessly from applications like Mail, iCal, and many others.

Designed to be simple

Once AddressX has been configured for use with an Exchange server, its Global Address List (GAL) contacts can be imported into the Address Book with a single click. Once imported, for convenience and separation from your other contacts they are automatically added to a group called “Exchange Contacts.”
Want to make sure all the contacts that make it into your Address Book have a name, telephone number, and office? Simply specify the fields you require and AddressX will ignore the contacts with incomplete information. Only want to see phone numbers? No problem, with AddressX you can now choose what information is imported.

AddressX uses your existing Exchange email account ID and password to access the address book. For added security, AddressX only stores your password in the OS X Keychain. Full HTTPS support means AddressX can always communicate with Exchange securely.

The OS X Address Book will never know the difference

And neither will Exchange. That’s because AddressX is 100% transparent to both OS X and Exchange. What does that mean for you? It means OS X never even knows it’s been talking to an Exchange server and the Exchange server never knows it’s been talking to OS X. As long as you have an Exchange server 2000 or 2003 with WebDAV enabled and your Exchange server is configured to create contact aliases (the default configuration) you are ready to go. No additional software needs to be installed on Exchange and there’s no fighting with Active Directory configurations. Best of all, if you can access your Exchange server on the Internet you can use AddressX from any machine with an Internet connection – such as your Mac at home.

iSync and go

Use iSync and take it with you. The contacts created by AddressX in the Address Book are just like your other OS X contacts. Not only will they be available on or off-line; but, when used with Apple iSync, Exchange GAL contacts can now easily be made available on an iPod, Palm Pilot, cell phone, or any other iSync compatible device.

Always up-to-date

Keep your GAL contacts up-to-date with AddressX’s built-in automatic updating. Simply set the frequency and AddressX will make sure your Address Book always contains your company’s most current GAL contact information.

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